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Movie: The Incredibly True Adventure of 2 Girls in Love
eccentricweft wrote in lgbtq_recs
I was charmed by this adorable movie from the mid-1990s. It's directed by Maria Maggenti and had two young actresses in (I think) their first roles: Nicole Ari Parker and Laurel Holloman.

Their characters, Evie and Randy, are high school seniors just a few weeks from graduation. Evie is smart, rich, pretty, and popular, headed for college in the fall and with a devoted boyfriend who drives her crazy. Randy struggles in school, works at a gas station, tries to ignore the scorn of her straight classmates, and dates a married woman who mostly makes her feel even more insecure than she already is. Despite going to the same school, Randy and Evie move in such different social circles that they barely know each other by sight.

But when they meet for real, there's enough of a mutual attraction to make them look beyond the stereotypes of popular rich girl and working-class dyke, and their romance is tender and shy and sweet and loving. They spend a little time talking about their different experiences of class and race (Evie is black and Randy is white) but the overall feeling of the movie is lighthearted. There are some wonderful comic moments, and some deftly handled poignant moments. And if the crowd scene at the end was a tiny bit improbable, it was still very amusing. Little flaws don't bother me at all if the rest of the film is good, and this one made me very happy.

It's the movie equivalent of light summer reading, but even better would be to save this for a cold, dreary winter evening. You'll be warmed and cheered up immediately!

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I just watched this recently, actually! What I loved most was how much they just seemed liked a couple of average teens, despite their unique circumstances.

I saw this movie years and years ago and it has always stuck with me. It is so cute, if it had cheeks, I'd pinch them. The end was a little ridiculous, but I do think that was the point. It was an over-the-top ten romance, so the big finish fit with the rest for me. Thanks for making me smile, thinking about this film!

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